Americans consume 10-12 grams of dietary fiber daily. The recommended dose of dietary fiber which assists in reducing cholesterol, managing blood sugar, assisting with weight loss, proper digestive functioning, and assisting in the reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes , cancer and more is 30 grams of dietary fiber daily. Cardio Life when taken as directed supplements the diet with fiber, vitamins and minerals and helps a person achieve the 30 gram per day target of ingested dietary fiber. Americans also consume an increasing amount of sugar, high glycemic foods and chemical sweeteners which are contributing to an increase in weight gain, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and more. Products by Health-Rewards, including Cardio Life, Vita Trim and Sweet and Healthy, are formulated to assist in lowering cholesterol, reducing the risk of diabetes, managing diabetes, reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer, assisting with weight loss prevention of obesity.

Sweet and HealthyTM
Disclaimer: Sweet and Healthy is no longer associated with Ann de Wees Allen, Nutrilab or the Glycemic Research Institute. Sweet and Healthy is not Trutina Dulcem. Trutina Dulcem is extracted from Kiwi fruit. Sweet and Healthy is extracted from Lo Hahn fruit. All technical data for Sweet and Healthy is disclosed in the What Is Sweet and Healthy section of this site.

Cardio LifeTM
A proprietary formula of dietary fiber and nutrients

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